Expanding Weaver Aggregates

I’m returning to the Actuality of Invisible Sun to look at the unique magic of Weavers. The freeform aggregates of the Order of Weavers are awesome and should be straightforward but it can be intimidating to make up without many guidelines. So here is some advice to start with!

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New Maker Substances for Invisible Sun

Sorry this one’s coming out on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, it’s been a long and busy week. Plus this turned into quite a project in the end! After re-listening to some episodes of the “Inspirations” podcast, I did a deep dive into some new game materials for Invisible Sun.

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Curatoria, The Watchers and Fallen

I’m back today with more options about angels for your Invisible Sun campaign. Last time I detailed a strange order of zealots determined to safeguard the Legacy. Today I have an adversarial bunch of traitors, but delving into the story shows some complicated mysteries that will unravel for you and your players.

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Arabest Rumors

In Invisible Sun, the arabest are a mysterious people who lived in the vicinity of Satyrine years ago. Very little is written about the arabest in the rulebooks (though more is hinted in secrets known to a few) so I thought it would be fun to write a little. And while I’m writing a story for the arabest, why not write four?

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Drinks in Invisible Sun

The surreal setting of Invisible Sun is full of amazing and strange details but one of the best ways to highlight the surreal is to juxtapose it with the mundane. In between jumping across worlds and sealing angels into bracelets, why not have your vislae stop off at a bar for a (mostly) normal drink?

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Ten Things to Know About Invisible Sun

I just wrapped up Season 1 of my Invisible Sun campaign last week, taking a break from campaign play to be more flexible this summer. Given this experience I wanted to take a minute and give the Ten Things to Know treatment to Invisible Sun as well.

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