Repost: Humblewood Review

It’s spring! I don’t know about you all, but my winter was pretty cold and snowy. I’m not complaining exactly since I was skiing and loving the snowflakes, but there’s al so excitement in new green things and birdsong. To celebrate that I’m pulling up a review from the archives that’s all about birds, Humblewood!

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Carnival Row Revised

If you’ve been watching the second season of Carnival Row like I have, you know what an awesome setting it is. The season finale just dropped last Wednesday and it seems like a good time to remind you that there’s actually an official Carnival Row RPG using the Cypher system! And it’s free! It came out with the show’s original first season in 2019 but it’s been a lifetime since then so it’s worth looking at what new Cypher System options you could use if you want to dust off your Carnival Row RPG pdf and head back into the Burgh.

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Stealing Stories for the Devil Review

This update is going up late thanks to a massive snowstorm at Mephit HQ, but I’m here today to talk about the newest Monte Cook Games game system, Stealing Stories for the Devil. This enigmatic heist game has mind-bending qualities and mechanics the are fun and flexible. Just what you’d expect from MCG.

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Scion: Saints and Monsters Review

I’m back in the world of Scion today with a look at the Player’s Guide book Saints and Monsters. This book is brimming with different possible pathways for your Scion character so let’s see which of them are worth your time!

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