Arabest Rumors

In Invisible Sun, the arabest are a mysterious people who lived in the vicinity of Satyrine years ago. Very little is written about the arabest in the rulebooks (though more is hinted in secrets known to a few) so I thought it would be fun to write a little. And while I’m writing a story for the arabest, why not write four?

As ancient natives of Indigo, the arabest should be a people infused with Truth (the meaning of the Indigo Sun). So what does it mean that there are competing stories as to their nature? Well, one possibility is that only one of these is the truth and the others are merely rumors… or maybe none are true. The deception of Shadow can always seep into the malleable minds of those who live in the Actuality, or scholars can learn some truths and then pass it along half-understood over and over until nothing true is left.

However much truth is in these rumors, this in-universe handout can make a fun bit of lore and a cool prop for your Invisible Sun game. Even if you accept one or two of these as canon in your game, they are open-ended enough that you can adjust them to your plot. If you have any suggestions for more rumors, let me know in the comments!

I owe a special thanks to NotBob, LadyMerlyn, and greatzamino on the Invisible Sun Discord server for their input. Head on over there if you too want to be part of the conversation of the Actuality!

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