New Cultures for Adventures in Middle-Earth

The Adventurer’s Companion included a ton of new options for The One Ring and I thought I’d return the favor. While the Adventurer’s Guide for Adventures in Middle-Earth includes even more cultures than the original core book for The One Ring, there’s always room for more, right? I present to you seven new cultures for Adventures in Middle-Earth for your players to try out. With the recent addition of The Loremaster’s Guide, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

New Cultures for AME

Into the Outside Review

Looks like it’s Cypher System Review Week! On Tuesday I reviewed The Bridges We Burn and I’m reviewing Into the Outside which I just got as a Kickstarter reward. This Kickstarter has been a real slow burn: the campaign finished on September, 2015 so I’ve been getting little notes from them every once in a while for more than a year. It’s like Christmas every month… which I think is how they do things in the Ninth World.

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The Bridges We Burn Review

The Bridges We Burn is a five-part adventure series for Numenera written by Janek Sielicki intended for Tier 3 characters. It’s a Cypher product, meaning that groups in other Cypher games might find a lot to use in here, but it should be most exciting to Numenera fans. And excited you should definitely be.

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Loremaster’s Guide Review

It’s here! The Loremaster’s Guide for Adventures in Middle-Earth has been released by Cubicle 7. Given my interest in the game line, I quickly snapped this one up pretty quickly. I haven’t even leafed through the pdf yet… care to join me?

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Star Trek Flavors

Last week I posted a Martial Arts flavor for Cypher games that wanted a little more Enter the Dragon action. The use of flavors to add blanket themes to a Cypher game is something that presents a number of different options. Many of the flavors in the Cypher System Rulebook can be successfully used in Star Trek: Cypher but it can also be used to transform the game for non-Federation campaigns.

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Martial Arts Flavor

The character focus Needs No Weapons (Cypher System Rulebook, p. 153) represents a master of martial arts, someone whose entire character concept is based around their ability with unarmed combat. Some campaigns, though, might want everyone to have some martial arts ability which is where this flavor comes in.

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Puppetmaster Scenario

I’m excited to announce the first official scenario for Star Trek: Cypher. This is a combat-focused scenario called Puppetmaster, the story of a Federation agent exposed in Klingon space with critical information. The story is set during the Klingon-Cardassian War (season 4 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and has the PCs operating out on a limb and on their own… Just how Star Trek likes it.

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