First Responders Review

Today’s review is a detailed look at Monte Cook Game’s First Responders sourcebook, a setting/rules book for their Cypher System aimed at telling the stories of the frontline servicepeople stopping and mitigating disasters.

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Tiny Taverns Review

It’s the last post of 2022 and I’ve decided to dedicate it to, Tiny Taverns by Gallant Knight Games, a small game from two years ago. Why? Well, the short answer is that it was suggested a while back by DriveThru RPG and I was intrigued enough to check it out. The longer answer is that I think this is fun, easy game that could be the exciting one-shot you need this holiday season.

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City of Mist Familiar Dangers – Volume 1

A short and sweet post for a short and sweet PDF! I’ve heard a lot of people ask if there are Danger profiles for classic City of Mist characters and it’s hardly surprising. With such gorgeous, award-winning character folios you just want these characters in every story you tell. So I converted them!

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Repost Coyote & Crow

This week I’m reposting a review that I published a while ago for the game Coyote & Crow, a game written and inspired by Indigenous peoples. This week being American Thanksgiving, a holiday which is about family and food as well as rosy visions of a fraught national legacy, it seemed like an excellent time for another signal boost for this great game.

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How to Create Wanderhome Natures

Today’s post is a bit of a sneak preview for something I’ve been collaborating on. In Wanderhome the many places you visit can be anything you wish and the prompts provided are fairly wide open but I think people sometimes get stuck in a literal mode. This upcoming release aims to help mix that up and offers some new locales as fun examples of just how far you can go with a Nature.

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Twenty Plot Hooks for Spooky Stories

I’m here a day earlier than normal to coincide with Halloween, a holiday all about scary stories and creeping strangeness. While there are plenty of ways to tie this spooky season into your RPGs, I’m here with twenty horror-themed plot hooks that you are free to borrow and use.

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Repost: Kids On Bikes Review, Part 1

It’s the cozy, spooky, restless time of year known as autumn and many people may want to harness that feeling at their gaming table. Whether you’re excited for the send half of Stranger Things Season 4, rooting for the heroes of Hocus Pocus 2, or going back to a Halloween favorite from the past, then Kids On Bikes is the game for you. I wrote this review way back in 2019 so please excuse any quaintly optimistic worldviews…

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