Repost: Good Society Review

I’m back today with another repost, this one for the Jane-Austen inspired game Good Society. I’ve waxed poetic recently about about the diceless game Wanderhome and Jay Dragon’s other Belonging Outside Belonging game Sleepaway is also amazing, but my first diceless, GM-optional game was Good Society and it remains firmly ensconced in my heart.

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Coyote & Crow Review, Part 1

Today I’m going to take a first look at a game I’m really excited for: Coyote & Crow. I backed this game last year and the production and development has been so exciting. It’s a sci-fi game with First Nations inspiration and authors, a powerful vision of a world with roots in cultures that haven’t had nearly enough of a voice in RPGs.

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Coming from Son of Oak – Tokyo:Otherworld and Local Legends

Hello, folks! Here’s a short Thursday update to spread the word about two upcoming products from Son of Oak, Tokyo:Otherworld and Local Legends. These are two expansions to the City of Mist game and Tokyo:Otherworld is actually a brand cyberpunk setting and game! Keep scrolling down to the Local Legends announcement, though, and you’ll see that yours truly is listed as one of the contributors. I’m really excited about this and look forward to being able to show off the book to all of you farther down the road.

Spire Supplement Reviews

I’m taking a survey look today at various supplements for Spire: The City Must Fall, an awesome and evocative game from Rowan, Rook, & Deckard. While the core book is bursting with fantastic detail and character potential, the authors have gone on to expand the world in a number of awesome ways and I think I owe it to the world to make sure these are all very well known.

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