This website is a front.

No, not really, but I started it thinking that I wanted to share ideas and get to know people online. It’s sort of about me giving away my ideas and seeing if they’re of use to other people but it’s also about seeing if other people can improve them or let me in on their secrets too! I love tackling new systems, building up settings, exploring fun things, and generally looking at RPGs from all directions like a particularly interesting seashell. So, I’m interested in sharing ideas but I’m just as interesting as hearing yours. Writing things just baits you into coming by and sharing…

So, if you like my reviews, advice, new content, or any other random musings please leave me a message and let me know. You can also show how much you enjoy things by donating here or buying something. I want to stress, though, that I will keep doing this site even if I don’t get a single copper piece. You can enjoy this stuff for free as long as I’m alive and writing!

7 thoughts on “About

    1. Glad to hear it! I’m going to go theough the different types of magic, then create some homebrew creatures to show what you can do in the game. What would you like to see?


  1. Just recently discovered your stuff, but really digging your reviews. I’m a longtime Scion fan, so anyone spreading the good word about 2e is doing the – dare I say – gods’ work.

    Out of curiosity would you have any interest in covering Storyteller’s Vault content? I’m actually a developer on Werewolf the Savage Age, which is a line for Werewolf the Apocalypse set in the Paleolithic Era during the War of Rage. We’ve got a number of books out already, with more on the way.

    Regardless, keep up the good work!


    1. Oh, I *love* Savage Age! As you can see from my reviews, the World of Darkness (either one) in ancient eras is one of my favorite parts. I’d love to review Storyteller Vault stuff but it’s such a rabbit hole once I start that I really only do wide surveys when applicable. Let’s connect on Savage Age, though!


  2. Have you done anymore AiME stuff? I havent seen any posts recently. Also did you have any good resources on youtube for AiME content?


  3. Hi Mephit! Ages ago, I was in your Myth-Weavers Fall of the Camarilla PbP game, but I follow your blog on occasion. You wrote about solo games recently and I just wanted to bring Ironsworn to your attention-a really great system, and free to boot. Give it a go if it catches your fancy 🙂


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