Ninth World Religions

The setting for Numenera is a blending of science fiction and fantasy. I always think of it as the opposite of Star Wars: whereas the Jedi and Empire are really a fantasy story wearing the guise of sci-fi, Numenera is a science fiction setting and stories wearing the clothing of a fantasy setting.

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Mutant Year Zero: Ark Creation

I’ve admired the game Mutant Year Zero for a while and have had the core rulebook pdf just waiting to be utilized. It’s a post-apocalyptic setting and does an excellent job of storytelling and narration. The basic format of the game, mutated characters as part of an isolated community called and Ark, means that players are forced to explore and think about the bigger picture while also rewarding them for dealing with the world at large. In the spirit of shows like The Walking Dead and games like Dead of Winter and Last Night on Earth a character can be totally successful personally and yet lose out overall.

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