Character Creation: Pugmire


I’m pretty excited about Onyx Path’s latest Kickstarter, the family-friendly game of Pugmire. As a recent dad, I’m already collecting up games to play with my son when he’s old enough, and this definitely makes the list. Besides, the setting is just fun and works for adult games in the same way that Mouse Guard and Dinotopia are rife with adventure for all ages. Onyx Path has already put out an early access edition for people to try out so today I’m going to do just that.

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Setting-Neutral Games

One of the features I want to work on regularly is a summary of game systems that GMs cab use to create a game out of their favorite book, expand the stories of their favorite movie franchise, or remove a new system as a roadblock for their group to try a cool setting. These so called “setting-neutral games” are mechanics without a storyline that you can attach a world to.

It’s obviously still a work in progress but expect it to take shape over the next few weeks and continue to grow in the future.

Exotic Languages in Eclipse Phase


I originally posted a lot of this material on my wiki, but I wanted to expand it and thought I’d do so here for people to comment on! The varied, mixed, and constructed cultures of the Eclipse Phase universe are more than just the background for daredevils taking on psychotic horrors wrought by inhuman seed AIs. The fact that the background fabric of the setting is a patchwork made of the shredded tatters that happened to make it through the apocalypse underscores the conceit of the setting at every turn. One of the most visceral ways to do that is with language.

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Character Creation: Early Dark


One of my recent purchases was Early Dark by Anthropos Games, a game with its own mechanics set and a really interesting setting. The feeling of the game is Dark Ages in a world somewhat similar to ours, but with magic and very different geography. It’s easy to see where you might fit into this world but the setting is rich enough to spark the imagination.

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Welcome to My Gaming Blog

Dear Internet,

For some time I’ve been active on gaming boards, maintained a wiki site, participated in other blogs, and generally thrown my thoughts out into the world to see what people found useful. I’ve resisted getting my own blog because, well, it seems a little self-indulgent.

Now is the time, though. My gaming outlets have been drying up and I have many more ideas than I’ll actually play. Inspired by Black Hat Matt, I am seeing this site as a way for me to try out my own stuff in a public forum. Whether you like it or not isn’t all that important… And I’ll never know unless I try it out!

So, I’ll be publishing worldbuilding ideas, campaign frameworks, character creation trials, thoughts on new games, and anything else that comes to mind. Leave feedback in the comments and we’ll see how this goes!

Mephit James