City of Mist: David Marcus

So I’ve been reading a great book called Irish Tales of Mystery & Magic with the Little Mephling. It’s a really fun book that lets me explore the tales of my ancestors (Dia dhuit, gaeilgeoirí ar bith!) and its casual storytelling has given me a new appreciation for Fionn mac Cumhail. There’s nothing left to do with an appreciation like that than to create him in City of Mist!

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If you know only one hero from Irish legends, it’s probably Cuchulain. He’s cool and all, sort of a Hercules type who approaches everything with a hammer ready to pound his way through. I love Cuchulain stories but Fionn mac Cumhail is a clever, strong, brash tough guy who has all my love. Fionn is more in the mold of Maui, and he has some similar stories of literally shaping the landscape of this island. You might remember Fionn from when he created the Giant’s Causeway or when he ate the salmon of knowledge. You might be less familiar with when he gouged out enough dirt to create Lough Neagh and threw it at someone, only to miss and create the Isle of Man instead. Whoops. Fionn mac Cumhail is a hilarious meathead who also routinely outsmarts opponents who can squash him to pulp. He’s great, and here he is for your City of Mist campaign!

David Marcus, Biker Gang Leader

Rift of Fionn mac Cumhaill

Telling the story of David Marcus’s life would take a whole night, and you’d better believe there would be a lot of beer during that night. Born to the leader of a biker gang and a teenage runaway, David grew up in motels and dive bars around the city. He was a curiosity for most of the bikers, a little blonde kid who would fetch them beer and swear like a soldier at age eight, but it wasn’t much of a childhood. David only knew a few other kids growing up and none of the friendships lasted long.

He also didn’t have much of a relationship with his parents. His father was busy running his gang, the Warriors, and his mother was an addict who only had occasional lucid periods. His upbringing mostly fell to a woman in the gang named Leah, a strong woman and capable fighter but with much more of a maternal instinct than anyone else in David’s life. When the Warriors ended up in a brutal turf-war against rival gangs, Leah took David to another part of the city where she had family and raised him there. After many misadventures and close calls of his own, David returned to the Warriors after his father was shot and killed. Many in the gang sneered at the goodlooking youngster who felt like he owned the place but David quickly put them in their place. Those he didn’t win over with his personality he beat into submission and eventually he took his role as the leader of the Warriors.

Character Sheet

Mythos: Fionn mac Cumhail Logos: Biker Gang Leader


  • Oísin: Help +1, Hurt +0
  • Finnegas: Help +0, Hurt +1
  • Patrick: Help +1, Hurt +0
  • Diarmaid: Help+1, Hurt +0

Leader of the Warriors

Type: Personality. Like his father before him, David leads the Warriors biker gang. He’s charismatic and surprisingly resourceful with no real threats to his position and genuine friendships with the majority of the gang. He’s also handsome and known to many in the city (which can make keeping a low profile difficult), but feels a pressure to keep his members busy and occupied in case his control starts to crumble.

Identity: “This is my crew, they answer to me.”

Power Tags: (A) People Look Up to Me, (B) Ruggedly Handsome, (D) Clever Problem-Solver, (I) Always Training

Weakness Tags: (B) No Patience for Intrigue, (C) Stands Out of the Crowd

Power of a Mountain

Type: Bastion. In legend, Fionn mac Cumhail would chew up rocks, weather monsters’ blows, and laugh all the while. David is made of tougher stuff than most people and usually comes out of bloody and nasty fights with just a few scratches.

Mystery: “Why did my father have to die?”

Power Tags: (A) Impervious Body, (C) Terrifying Power, (I) Crash Through the Enemy

Weakness Tag: (D) Picks Every Fight

Street Fighter

Type: Training. David Marcus grew up on the streets and he knows every dirty trick out there. He’s a tough, slippery, underhanded opponent and doesn’t particularly care if his fighting style looks good. If the situation calls for dirt in the eyes, so be it. If he needs to clock someone in the back of the head, well they shouldn’t have turned their backs. At the same time, when David makes a promise he keeps it through thick and thin. If someone doesn’t believe him, they can answer to his fist.

Identity: “Hit them where it hurts, then get out before they do the same.”

Power Tags: (A) Brawling, (D) Tricky Feint, (F) Leah Taught Me How to Fight

Weakness Tag: (A) Promises Can Never Be Broken

Strength of a Giant

Type: Expression. David has always been strong, working hard all through his childhood and engaging in fights and arm wrestling as early as he could. Lately, though, he’s been able to do truly amazing things. He’s picked up cars, yanked concrete blocks out of the ground, and bent metal into shapes. It’s scary but more than a little exciting.

Mystery: “Who will die when I can’t fight anymore?”

Power Tags: (A) Engine of Destruction, (E) Reduce Buildings to Rubble, (H) Hurl Masses

Weakness Tag: (D) Collateral Damage


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