City of Mist: Laney Dearborn

We’re back! I wasn’t really thinking that things might be worse or more stressful when I came back in April but… well here we are. Dr. James, the Mephling, and Little Grue are all healthy and well, but we’ve got some serious cabin fever being stuck at home all day, every day. And so (even though I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, the universe, and everything) I’m very happy to be returning to the escapism of creating gaming resources.

Today I’ve got another ready-to-play Rift for City of Mist, the daughter of the biker gang leader David Marcus. She’s the Rift of Oisín, the war-leader’s son who was lost in Tír na nÓg for years. Laney is similarly touched by the faeries and is destined to be lost herself someday. In the meantime, she’s got some scores to settle and a tumultuous father-daughter relationship to ponder.

Laney Dearborn

Rift of Oisín

Image © Marvel Comics

David Marcus and a woman named Sadie Dearborn were an item during his wilder teenage years, but when he left they lost contact. Fifteen years later, when David was again with the Warriors, an unexpected blast from his past showed up on his doorstep. Sadie was long gone but David was surprised to learn he had a daughter named Laney. She, on the other hand, knew all about her father and the mess she left her mom with. On her own, though, Laney didn’t have much else to look forward to so she showed up to her dad’s bar and demanded her piece of his little kingdom.

Laney is a good fighter, a fast runner, and smart like her father. She’s still got a chip on her shoulder but she’s willing to give her dad more leeway. Around the time David was realizing the power of his gifts, Laney was on a run across town delivering contraband and picking up money. A rival gang knew about the pick-up and waited for her to come out with the cash before jumping her. The tough teenager fought off her attackers with the knife she carried but it wasn’t until the glowing lights showed up that the fight went her way. Only minorly injured and with a mystical secret, Laney set to work figuring out what she could do and how she could use it to her advantage.

Character Sheet

Mythos: Oisín    Logos: Gang Courier


David Marcus: Help +1, Harm +1

Patrick: Help +0, Harm +1

Enchanted Steed

Type: Mobility. After her first encounter with the fairies, Laney started to sense that a horse was following her. It was always just out of sight: the sound of hooves behind her, a blurry reflection in a store window. She would have assumed she was just going insane but a few weeks later she summoned the damn thing out of nowhere. It’s a glorious creature with a shining white glow and a golden mane. Not subtle, even a little tacky, but this horse can literally run like the wind.

Mystery: “What is this horse’s name?”

Power Tags: (A) Gallop Like the Wind, (E) Flee Pursuers, (G) Incredible Strength While Mounted

Weakness Tag: (C) Temporary Weakness When Dismounting

Fairy Visitors

Type: Conjuration. Like the character Oisín in legends, Laney has a strong connection with fairy creatures. When she’s in trouble or in desperate need, a cloud of sprites (the sluagh sídhe or “fairy host”) will come to Laney’s aid and lend her what aid they can. They’re chatty, bright creatures who don’t always get the idea of stealth the way that Laney would prefer, but there’s no denying that they are helpful allies. Note: The Conjuration themebook is from the upcoming Shadows and Showdowns book from Son of Oak Games.

Mystery: “Why was I picked for this?”

Power Tags: (A) the Sluagh Sídhe, (D) Cloud of Fairy Blades, (F) Harassing Swarm, (J) Bound to the Fairy Court

Weakness Tag: (B) Noisy Little Jerks, (C) Fierce but Small

Headed For the Fairy Realm

Type: Destiny. Laney knows in her bones that this deal has a time limit. She’s able to use these powers now and can help her father and her friends, but eventually her destiny will come to call and she’ll go to the other side to live in the realm of the fairies. It sounds nice in many ways (not growing old, being surrounded by beauty, no rent or taxes) but in a lot of other ways she knows it’s the end of her life in most respects. Wherever her fairy friends come from they don’t ever bring back mortals with them so when Laney leaves the City for the lands of milk and marajuana, or whatever, she’s not going to be coming back. Note: The Destiny themebook is another from Shadows and Showdowns.

Mystery: “Who wants me to be in the fairy realm?”

Power Tags: (A) Promised Immortality, (E) Playing the Long Game, (F) the Queen’s Mantle of Protection

Weakness Tag: (C) No Real Future

I Would Do Anything For Love

Type: Defining Relationship. Laney is in love. It came as a surprise to Laney as well, but when she met Neil Manann she fell for him hard. It’s a reminder that underneath her tough exterior and violent temper, Laney’s just a teenager and going through the same intense emotions as any other teenager. She keeps things to herself and she doesn’t open up about everything in her life to any one person except for Neil. He’s the only one who truly knows her and he hasn’t left yet so that’s definitely something. He’s also the only other person her fairy friends seem to like so… that’s probably something she should look into one of these days.

Identity: The only one who really knows me is Neil.

Power Tags: (A) Love of My Life, (D) Taking Control of My Life, (I) the Fairies Want Us Together

Weakness Tag: (D) This Life Isn’t for Neil

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