Collecting STO Spaceframes So Far

I’ve been really enjoying working on all the different ship types in Star Trek Online and bringing them into Star Trek Adventures. It’s a fun process to open up different options and to see where there are holes in official and fan-created spaceframes. The posts are scattered around slightly but here’s everything so far.

I’m sure there are people who follow me here but not on Continuing Mission. If that’s you then you probably missed my collaboration with fan and friend Takeshi Yamato to stat out Klingon spaceframes for Star Trek Adventures following the extensive options in Star Trek Online. Even if you have seen those, however, you may have missed all the different options out there for Klingon captains. Here are the articles that have gone out so far and there are plenty more in the almost-ready stage.


2 thoughts on “Collecting STO Spaceframes So Far

  1. Great collection, one of my favorite ships that has seen the least love in STO is the Deep Space Science Vessel, I would love to see that ship stated. The underslung secondary deflector is really cool, and can be removed almost like a mission pod of sorts.


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