Mutant Year Zero: Character Creation, Part Two

Well, at this point I have my Ark and I have my first player character, so it’s time to fill out the ranks a little more. I’m going to spare you a drawn-out process and just throw three more PCs at you with some thoughts and then dive into relationships and big dreams.

First of all, here is Iota’s character sheet. You’ll notice that a lot of it is blank since I haven’t gotten to the relationship parts and the campaign hasn’t started yet.

Kaerrin the Dog Handler

Since I have a social-type character, I’d like to have more of a brute. Well, maybe not brute exactly but I’m actually intrigued by the dogs that are mentioned throughout Mutant Year Zero and I want my next character to work closely with them. I think it’ll be a good counterpoint to Iota: someone who is more socially-oriented just not with people, as opposed to a people-oriented giantess who isn’t very social.

Kaerrin is a quiet and grim, only getting along well with dogs and other animals around the Refuge. She’s got Stealth skills as well as her Sic a Dog skill which means she’ll be a good point-person and scout when the party leaves the compound. I took the Mutant’s Best Friend talent to that end, figuring her dog (Ranger) can help her move through the woods to see what’s ahead. Her mutation (Human Plant) means that she’s not as dependent on others for her survival which plays into the need to be independent and just live with her dogs.

Kaerrin’s Character Sheet


Radeth the Enforcer

Radeth is a pretty awful character. It’s not that he’s malicious, actually just the opposite. He’s an emotionless killer who serves Serran, the head of the militia, as a guard and punisher. His mutation is Parasite which means that he can drain other people of their attributes and resources, which he uses on offenders to subdue them and drag them back to the militia for punishment.

All of this means that Radeth is definitely the fighter-type of the group. It also means that he’s the one with the most reason to leave the others to die. If they get too injured, why would he waste energy dragging you back to the Ark? You’re no good anymore and Radeth’s got a pretty focused mind. So he’s not going to be the stalwart defender holding the enemy at bay while the others run. Instead, he’s the muscle-bound death machine that goes his own way and doesn’t care if you follow or not.

Radeth’s Character Sheet


Daarist the Chronicler

Part of Maximon‘s group of scholars and bureaucrats, Daarist is more outgoing than most of his fellows… much to other people’s dismay. His nickname is “the Maggot” since he regularly eats refuse and his skin glows a disgusting green sometimes. He sees himself as a diplomat visiting between the factions, and he’s surprisingly good at it despite people’s initial disgust with his appearance.

In particular, he’s gotten close to a number of the Green Priest‘s men and started to see the wisdom in their cult’s philosophy. It will be interesting to see during gameplay whether this ends up being an angle he exploits to take down the cultists or if he’s won over and pushes the party to help the Green Priest against the Elder. It depends on a lot, not least the maliciousness of the GM.

Daarist the Maggot’s Character Sheet


Relationships and Dreams

I’ve got a party of four PCs now so I’m ready to work out relationships and dreams for them. First of all, I pick relationships between all the PCs.

  • Iota thinks that Radeth is a dangerous brute who would be better dead in a ditch than threatening the members of the Refuge. She thinks that Daarist is useful and dedicated. She doesn’t much care about appearances and appreciates his efforts. Finally, she thinks that Kaerrin is rude and too closed off. She’s not really part of the community.
  • Kaerrin thinks that Iota is weird but Ranger likes her so she’s willing to give her a chance. She thinks that Radeth is alright. She’s pretty indifferent towards him, although sometimes he acts really weird when it’s just them. Finally, she thinks that Daarist is a nosey weirdo but she appreciates his calm demeanor.
  • Radeth thinks Kaerrin is wonderful and is secretly in love with her. He thinks that Iota is a great comrade in arms, although she’s too casual. Finally, he thinks that Daarist is a squishy little grub and a weak spot in the group.
  • Daarist thinks that Radeth is impressive and could be a real asset to the Refuge. He thinks that Kaerrin doesn’t understand her own worth and needs to be helped. Finally, he thinks that Iota is the heroine of his story and he would sacrifice all the others to make sure she’s alright.


Next, I need two relationships to NPCs for each player character. Some of these are established bosses while others will be new.

  • Iota is close to Natar, the leader of the Planters, and frequently does quiet missions for her. She hates Garek the Enforcer, though, as he once destroyed a plant she had hoped to bring back to the Refuge, just out of spite.
  • Kaerrin loves her dog Ranger best and knows that her fellow handler Vorrin loves his dog Konner just as much. He’s her best friend, even though he has a crush on Radeth which makes her question his taste. She has a much less friendly relationship with Qorst, the militia member who has thrown rocks at Ranger more than once and laughed. Some day she’ll kill him.
  • Radeth has a rivalry with Gaerk the Enforcer whom he considers his major competition for the attention of the militia boss. He also keeps a close eye on another enforcer named Boritt Black-Eyes who he suspects of secretly working for the Green Priest.
  • Daarist has a strained relationship with his immediate superior, Morrice the Glassworker, who doesn’t approve of his diplomatic activities but can’t find a rule he’s breaking. He has a much better relationship with Foste, a fellow chronicler and one of the Green Priest’s flock.

Lastly, I need Big Dreams for the characters.

  • Iota wants to build the Refuge into a self-sufficient community once again.
  • Kaerrin wants to found her own community, made up of people who can shut up and their dogs.
  • Radeth wants to win over Kaerrin.
  • Daarist wants the Refuge to work together and find Eden.

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