Mutant Year Zero: Character Creation, Part Two

Well, at this point I have my Ark and I have my first player character, so it’s time to fill out the ranks a little more. I’m going to spare you a drawn-out process and just throw three more PCs at you with some thoughts and then dive into relationships and big dreams.

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Star Treks Without Numbers

I’m a big fan of Star Trek and have been looking for a while for an RPG version that would be easy to pull off. This is actually a similar situation to my Mouse Guard search: there’s already a perfectly good RPG that I really like, but it’s a new system and I don’t necessarily like that. Today I though I’d try out a great RPG that might work well as a conversion/skeleton: Stars Without Number.

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Setting-Neutral Games

One of the features I want to work on regularly is a summary of game systems that GMs cab use to create a game out of their favorite book, expand the stories of their favorite movie franchise, or remove a new system as a roadblock for their group to try a cool setting. These so called “setting-neutral games” are mechanics without a storyline that you can attach a world to.

It’s obviously still a work in progress but expect it to take shape over the next few weeks and continue to grow in the future.