MYZ Mechatron Review

While it’s not out for general consumption, Mutant: Mechatron was released to Kickstarter backers. This expansion for Mutant: Year Zero expands the world of the game but can also be played on its own. Like Mutant: Genelab Alpha, the expansion is into totally new territory and this time its robots!

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Mutant Year Zero: Character Creation, Part Two

Well, at this point I have my Ark and I have my first player character, so it’s time to fill out the ranks a little more. I’m going to spare you a drawn-out process and just throw three more PCs at you with some thoughts and then dive into relationships and big dreams.

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Genelab Alpha: Character Creation

This past weekend I got my copy of the latest Mutant: Year Zero supplement, called Mutant: Genlab Alpha. It’s so new, in fact, that it’s not for public release yet; I got it back joining the Kickstarter. If you’re looking forward to this, though, you can live vicariously with me as I make a character with this new book.

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Mutant Year Zero: Character Creation, Part One

After making an Ark for Mutant Year Zero it’s about time I made some mutant “heroes” to fill it up. I use heroes in quotes because this isn’t D&D or Exalted… hell, it’s not even Eclipse Phase. The people here aren’t heroes, they’re survivors. It’s assumed from the start that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the Ark alive. Where the line between that mission and doing “what’s right” might be the subject of a mission or two but it’s not the center of the story by any means.

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Mutant Year Zero: Ark Creation

I’ve admired the game Mutant Year Zero for a while and have had the core rulebook pdf just waiting to be utilized. It’s a post-apocalyptic setting and does an excellent job of storytelling and narration. The basic format of the game, mutated characters as part of an isolated community called and Ark, means that players are forced to explore and think about the bigger picture while also rewarding them for dealing with the world at large. In the spirit of shows like The Walking Dead and games like Dead of Winter and Last Night on Earth a character can be totally successful personally and yet lose out overall.

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