Zootopia: On the Case

Let me tell you about a little game called Honey Heist. In this game you’re a criminal looking to steal the haul of your career. Also you’re a bear. I’m hardly the first person to talk about this game, it even made an appearance on Geek and Sundry where Marisha Ray ran a one-shot game featuring Critical Role’s resident bear Trinket. I only found out about the game through the One Shot Podcast’s The Ballad of Lincoln’s Ghost. It’s an amazing micro-RPG with a lot of potential, and my contribution to the fun community it’s generated is an expansion into a brand new genre!

Listening to the Honey Heist games linked above made me really want to play a game of criminal bears bumbling through a complex plan. I also, as I usually do, thought about how I could build on this and create something new. At its heart, Honey Heist is a game about animals being something that they usually aren’t and another fantastic franchise which does the same: Zootopia.

Since there’s already a movie (and a bunch of comics) set in the world of Zootopia, you might want to make use of this fan wiki to catch up. In particular you’ll likely get a lot of use out of this Zootopia transit map. Truthfully, though, you can just run with it and make up the city as you go. Trying to keep internal consistencies in a kids’ movie is crazy anyways so don’t sweat it.

The game, On the Case, follows most of the same rules as Honey Heist but with the premise flipped. Instead of being criminal animals you’re police officers and you’re trying to solve crimes in the great city of Zootopia. Now, I haven’t playtested this very much so I’m open to critiques if you have them but just have fun!

Zootopia: On the Case
(You’ll Need the
Honey Heist PDF too)

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