Throwback Thursday: Family Gaming

Something near and dear to my heart is gaming that includes kids. This is entirely self-serving as I have two kids at home and I’d like to grow up gaming with them. RPGs are for everyone and that includes young players, though that also covers those who don’t want to play a bloodthirsty vampire or a violent warrior. Here you’ll find some of the posts I’ve made about games that fit that mold, games that you can play with the whole family!

  • Adventure Dice: Let’s start out with something personal. My son is still pretty young but I’ve been getting him hooked on RPGs as well as I could. I came up with a straightforward system to make stories in a way that doesn’t get held up on game elements. If you’ve got some young ones as well then feel free to use this game!
  • Kids Games and Games About Kids: I think it’s worth thinking about the two different audiences for “kids’ games.” There are games designed for kids and games designed to act like kids. This post is a run-down of some of each and I think it’s a fun read for anyone interested in a less grown-up sort of game.
  • No Thank You, Evil! for Goblins and For Woodland Creatures: I love NYTE and I’ve written a few different options to expand it for different genres. My son has a map of Storia over his bed but that doesn’t mean I want all our adventures to take place in that setting.
  • More Nouns for No Thank You, Evil!: Another expansion for No Thank You, Evil!, this one meant to expand the central game concept. This is a simple option but one that lets people try out different sorts of characters in Storia. When you’re playing with kids even clichés are fun and you can have a crazy part with a monster, a Jedi, and a spaceman without challenging anyone’s immersion.
  • Zootopia: On the Case: Speaking of just going with what you like, here’s a fun game about playing animal cops! Zootopia is a great movie that is maybe intense for some ages but in the end its cute and fluffy enough that even criminal masterminds aren’t that scary.
  • The Warren: This amazing Powered by the Apocalypse game is a great experience and even has rules for making it more kid-friendly. If you’ve been watching the Watership Down series on Netflix then you are probably already inspired to run a game of rabbits with young players. This is the perfect system for exactly that!


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