Continuing Mission… Er, Continues!

In case you haven’t been following the updates on Continuing Mission, you might have missed some of the great updates for Star Trek Adventures. Here’s a quick roundup in case something catches your eye!

Tuesdays at Quark’s

This is my steady feature and it’s been going up weekly. So far, the characters that have been posted are…

  • Zyle sh’Azonan, the Promising Ensign: A bright young Andorian ensign with a career that looks to be heading places but a past that could easily catch up with her.
  • Lakin Viromm, the Reckless Captain: A commander in the mold of Kirk or Pressman, and one with options for making him dangerous or fun.
  • Chris Park, the Academy Fling: An ex for one of the PCs to sow some fun into the game, but also with some danger that could launch a memorable mission.
  • Vesena, the Harsh Teacher: A sometimes-critical professor from the Academy who can call up a favored student for unusual help. (Just came out today!)

Expanded Campaign Options

This one just started last week on Monday but I’m going to periodically expand the possibilities of Star Trek Adventures with some new campaign frameworks. So far only the Klingons have made an appearance (reprinted from an earlier post here) but the Romulans will soon join them (again, a repost). After that will be a steady (quasi-monthly) march of new cultures and species to base a game around until I run out of ideas or they tell me to cut it out.

Space Stations Rules

Jester Dave and I have been working on rules for space stations for those who’d like to run a Deep Space Nine-style campaign. So far, we have the base rules out and some station-specific Talents and Mission Profiles. Stay tuned later this week for our first station space frame: the “orbiting top” of Earth Spacedock!

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