New Cultures for Adventures in Middle-Earth

The Adventurer’s Companion included a ton of new options for The One Ring and I thought I’d return the favor. While the Adventurer’s Guide for Adventures in Middle-Earth includes even more cultures than the original core book for The One Ring, there’s always room for more, right? I present to you seven new cultures for Adventures in Middle-Earth for your players to try out. With the recent addition of The Loremaster’s Guide, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

7 thoughts on “New Cultures for Adventures in Middle-Earth

  1. Thank you. I liked this a lot. It will be useful to me as I am starting a AIME campaign soon. I know it probably sounds churlish but I found a few spelling mistakes 🙂


      1. Fixed! Thanks for the feedback, briansmaller, I made this on a text editor without a spellcheck feature and I didn’t realize how many typos I’d produced in my haste. It’s a much better resource, now…

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  2. Pretty late to the party, but we’re just getting into AiME here, thank you for the post, I really like the new cultures. Found it very cool you included the Dunelandings, folks I don’t feel like we see too often.


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