I’ve run a few Eclipse Phase games where I purposefully stayed away from Firewall entirely. It’s not that I don’t like Firewall, games of covert espionage and clandestine cells are awesome (especially with the extra material in the Firewall sourcebook), but sometimes you want something different. It might be as simple as the authors at Posthuman Studios assuming you will do one thing so you do something else just to be contrary!

Whatever the reason, I’ve wanted some other options as well. One of my favorite is gatecrashing campaigns, specifically the gatehopping plan of going through one gate after another until you are in truly uncharted territory. In making all of these plans, however, I’ve started to wonder about the best way to create extrasolar systems. I’d like something fast and easy so that I can concentrate on plot and I found some great resources for Traveller that were a great start. So here they are converted and tweaked for all you Eclipse Phase GMs out there.

You’re welcome.
Astrometrics Cover.png


5 thoughts on “Exoplanets!

  1. Mephit, I have two questions about this document. The first is, what sort of license is it covered by? Share and share alike? (Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States) And the second is, will you publish an editable version of this document? It is the best Exoplanet generator that I’ve ever seen, and I’d like to tweek it some for my own purposes, and it would be wonderful to be able to start out with an editable version. Of course, I’d give full credit to you for providing the starting material. –Joshua Levy


    1. Yeah, definitely Share Alike in terms of attribution. If you email me (mephitjames@gmail.com) I can send you an editable version. I actually want to work on an improved version; maybe we could collaborate?


  2. Thanks very much! I am interested in collaboration. I sent you email about this, and you can send the editable version to publicjoshualevy a t gmail. I’m looking forward to it.


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