Everdell Species for Root RPG

I love Everdell. It’s a wonderful, wholesome game with fun and tactical mechanics, plus it’s full of potential for an RPG adaptation. A frontrunner candidate is the Root RPG, and today I’m here with some mechanics ready to go!

In the Root supplement Travelers & Outsiders, the authors introduced the idea of Species Powers. Like the species player powers in Everdell, these Species Powers are optional but they add a fun mix. While Travelers & Outsiders has a handful of species options there’s always room for more.

In the file below I’ve got a big chunk of the species from Everdell represented for your Root-Everdell RPG. There are the squirrels, hedgehogs, turtles, mice, and rats in the base set; axolotls, otters, starlings, platypuses, and frogs from Pearlbrook; toads and cardinals from Bellefaire; and lizards, moles, foxes, owls, and hares from Spirecrest. The lore here is a mix of Root and Everdell but you can, of course, rework it as you need.

I recently got the two latest Everdell expansions, Mistwood and Newleaf, and I’m psyched to try them out. Expect some more homebrew as I do!


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