Where do Transhuman Babies Come From?

Eclipse Phase is one of my favorite games and their second edition is something I’m struggling to wait patiently for. As such, you can expect to see a lot of my thoughts in upcoming weeks on some parts of the setting that I’ve always wanted to expand. I’ll also have fully-written game resources for you later but these are just my initial thoughts. And today’s initial thoughts are about makin’ babies!

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Exotic Languages in Eclipse Phase


I originally posted a lot of this material on my wiki, but I wanted to expand it and thought I’d do so here for people to comment on! The varied, mixed, and constructed cultures of the Eclipse Phase universe are more than just the background for daredevils taking on psychotic horrors wrought by inhuman seed AIs. The fact that the background fabric of the setting is a patchwork made of the shredded tatters that happened to make it through the apocalypse underscores the conceit of the setting at every turn. One of the most visceral ways to do that is with language.

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