Mass Combat in Middle-Earth

The players in my Adventures in Middle-earth game are messing with me. I’m sure of it. They took a nice, simple campaign of helping people and fighting the forces of Sauron and they’ve made it into some kingdom-building Greyhawk nonsense. So, what is a poor Loremaster to do? Lean straight into it.

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AME Conversion: A Darkness in the Marshes

Another adaptation for a Tales From Wilderland adventure to Adventures in Middle Earth. This is another option for my players (along with Those Who Tarry No Longer) and I’m not sure which I hope they pick. They’re leaning towards Radagast, though, so I’m guessing it will be this one!

A Darkness In the Marshes
for Adventures in Middle Earth

AME Conversion: Those Who Tarry No Longer

So, I ran my Adventures in Middle Earth conversion of The Marsh-Bell and really liked the result. Look for an updated version sometime soon. I love The One Ring RPG but AME has some great opportunities as well. In preparing for my next game I’ve started working on some other adventure options, starting with the ones found in Tales From Wilderland. If you’re looking for the same check out this one below and let me know what you think!

Those Who Tarry No Longer
for Adventures in Middle Earth