:Otherscape Kickstarter Launch!

Two posts in one day? You saw that right. Today just happens to be the launch day for Toyko:Otherscape, the next iteration of the City of Mist set in a cyberpunk setting of colliding myth, technology, and humanity. Although the first setting book is focused on Tokyo, the game itself can (and will!) be set in cities across the world so you can still create your own setting with all your own amazing stories.

It’s a really amazing game, not least because one of the authors is yours truly! I’m truly honored and hyped to be a part of this great team and if you want to be part of the group getting this game off the ground then consider joining the Kickstarter. If you join today you can get in on the Day 1 perks!

Toyko:Otherscape Kickstarter!

Coming from Son of Oak – Tokyo:Otherworld and Local Legends

Hello, folks! Here’s a short Thursday update to spread the word about two upcoming products from Son of Oak, Tokyo:Otherworld and Local Legends. These are two expansions to the City of Mist game and Tokyo:Otherworld is actually a brand cyberpunk setting and game! Keep scrolling down to the Local Legends announcement, though, and you’ll see that yours truly is listed as one of the contributors. I’m really excited about this and look forward to being able to show off the book to all of you farther down the road.

New Themebooks for City of Mist

I’m getting back on track with posts here after a rough week of food poisoning and recovery. These things happen when you mouth off about Great Cthulhu and other powers that be, but I can’t stay away for long. Today I’d like to delve into some exciting new content for City of Mist: new official themebooks!

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