My Little Pony Review

I’ve been playing games now with the Little Mephling for a while. I started out with a game of my own creation, then switched to No Thank You, Evil! when he was a little older. Most recently he’s become obsessed with My Little Pony so I took a chance on the Tails of Equestria RPG and I’m here today to tell you that it was a good thing I did.

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Kids’ Games and Games About Kids

I’ve been thinking a lot about different sorts of games, and often about kids games. Reading stories to the little Mephling gets me thinking about playing RPGs with him eventually and what I’d want to start him on. The more I thought, though, the more I realized this is a tricky subject.

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Anniversary Break!

This weekend is my fifth wedding anniversary so that’s occupying my time. Rather than leave you with nothing, check out this great article on introducing that “special someone” to RPGs.

Mrs. James has been really great about trying RPGs a few times. While it’s not her cup of tea, it means a lot that she’s given it a shot and is willing to try again in the future. Like my fellow James says in the article, trying gets across how important this is to you and that can improve your relationship. I don’t have too many hopes that my wife will be joining my regular gaming group but trying it out with her has shown her my excitement for making up worlds and stories and it’s inspired sharing in other ways like trading book series and cooperative writing. When my son is old enough to play som No Thank You, Evil! she might be willing to try it again for an epic trip into Storia!

See you all next week!