Character Creation: Eclipse Phase FATE

The newest publication from Posthuman Studios, the FATE version of their acclaimed Eclipse Phase setting called Transhumanity’s Fate, has been at the top of Drive Thru RPG’s best-selling list for weeks. And with good reason! While the book doesn’t cover everything in the post-apocalyptic transhuman setting, it does a good job of hitting the highlights. Specifically, they were trying for the “high-octane technothriller” aspects of Eclipse Phase (or “Jason Bourne in an octomorph” according to co-author Ryan Macklin in the developer notes), and in that respect they do an awesome job.

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Mutant Year Zero: Ark Creation

I’ve admired the game Mutant Year Zero for a while and have had the core rulebook pdf just waiting to be utilized. It’s a post-apocalyptic setting and does an excellent job of storytelling and narration. The basic format of the game, mutated characters as part of an isolated community called and Ark, means that players are forced to explore and think about the bigger picture while also rewarding them for dealing with the world at large. In the spirit of shows like The Walking Dead and games like Dead of Winter and Last Night on Earth a character can be totally successful personally and yet lose out overall.

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Character Creation: Pugmire


I’m pretty excited about Onyx Path’s latest Kickstarter, the family-friendly game of Pugmire. As a recent dad, I’m already collecting up games to play with my son when he’s old enough, and this definitely makes the list. Besides, the setting is just fun and works for adult games in the same way that Mouse Guard and Dinotopia are rife with adventure for all ages. Onyx Path has already put out an early access edition for people to try out so today I’m going to do just that.

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Character Creation: Early Dark


One of my recent purchases was Early Dark by Anthropos Games, a game with its own mechanics set and a really interesting setting. The feeling of the game is Dark Ages in a world somewhat similar to ours, but with magic and very different geography. It’s easy to see where you might fit into this world but the setting is rich enough to spark the imagination.

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