Custom Muses for Eclipse Phase 2e

Almost four years ago I put up a post outlining the custom muses that I let my players develop for Eclipse Phase. With the game now in its second edition those rules are outdated but I really want to keep using them. These are my rules for creating custom muses in Eclipse Phase 2e, or really any Artificial Limited Intelligence (ALI). They’re a first draft but this should give you the ability to add custom ALIs of all sorts to your game and make the setting feel more lived-in.

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Custom Muses

I like to give my players choices, which is why I have a house rule for allow custom muses if players like. I use a muse template, originally borrowed from Consumerdestroyer on the Eclipse Phase forums with added material by The Alexandrian, that lets my players create just the sort of companion they want. This extends to handy AIs as well, though, which gives me some life-preservers to throw to floundering PCs.

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