Character Generation in Eclipse Phase 2e

From the most recent updates of the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Kickstarter, the new edition is heading for production in the fairly near future. The rules sections seem pretty well established and it’s just the source material to work out before at least the electronic forms can be sent. With that in mind, I thought I’d go through the backer preview and let all of you who aren’t in the Insiders’ Club know just what’s changed for characters from the first edition.

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New FATE Morphs

I’m still mulling over Transhumanity’s Fate after making Piotr LeFleur. It’s an interesting task to be looking at a new version of an existing game, not least because there’s already lost of material to update. I understand why they had only a smattering of morphs in Transhumanity’s Fate (although why that would include the neo-pig and not some other favorites is beyond me) but the internet isn’t restrained by such needs. If I want to give you a slew of morphs that may-or-may-not be useful to you, then I’m perfectly free to.

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