The One Ring 2e, Part Two

I’m back today with more about The One Ring, second edition! This second half of my review gets into some of the crunch of the game, explaining how you would run The One Ring and also how its tactically-dynamic combat system works. Let’s dive in!

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The One Ring 2e, Part One

Today I’m here with the first half of a look at The One Ring by Fria Ligan. This is the second edition of the Tolkien-inspired game originally published by Cubicle 7 who produced Adventures in Middle-earth alongside it and continue to support Warhammer games (fantasy and 40k), Dr. Who RPG, and Lone Wolf. Now the torch (and much of the writing staff) has passed to Fria Ligan who make Coriolis, Mutant Year Zero, and Tales From the Loop. This is definitely a continuation of the ruleset, but improved in some awesome ways. Let’s get into it!

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