Ten Things to Know About 7th Sea 2e

I really like the 7th Sea family of games and I’m really loving the new edition by John Wick Presents. It’s a fun, topsy-turvy version of medieval Europe with familiar themes and a fun cinematic system for combat. If you are intrigued by this game as well or you want to try your hand at a campaign but need to get players up to speed, then this list’s for you!

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Lands of Gold and Fire for 7th Sea, Review

The swashbuckling world of 7th Sea has captured imaginations for nearly two decades. It’s set in the world of Théah, a world which contains nations and peoples very similar to our own world but also very different. While there are French-like people in Montaigne, that country is most assuredly not France. Magic and the supernatural abound in this reimagining of our world, and in Lands of Gold and Fire this is taken to an African setting.

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The New World for 7th Sea, Review

I’ve always been on the outskirts of 7th Sea. Before I even knew it was a campaign setting, I bought Swashbuckling Adventures and mined it for material in a 3.5e D&D campaign with lots of ships and pirates. Reading through there, it was clear that the authors had a whole world that they were working with and so I started poking into the original system (which uses a roll-and-keep mechanic) and discovered a fun, semi-familiar world to enjoy. I never ran a game with the first edition (or d20 edition) but the newer Second Wave edition I’m back into it again. I’ve played in a few short scenarios with the new edition but the release of The New World has me racing to find a more substantial connection.

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