Spot Hidden Review: Gobblin’ (Part 2)

The Spot Hidden Crew has more thoughts! Today we’re hearing from Marxist Moose, who has a lot to say about the nuts and bolts of the game. If last time got you excited about Gobblin’ then this time will give you more of an idea of how the game actually works.

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Spot Hidden Review: Gobblin’!

Hello faithful readers! I’m relinquishing the stage today to some associates of mine known as the Spot Hidden Crew. I was chatting with them about a game they tried out to great hilarity called Gobblin’. Apparently their one shot involved a lot of the goblin characters building things out of the other goblin characters and ended with a ride in a goblin-wagon through a horde of zombies that went absolutely terrible. It sounded really fun so I asked them to write up their thoughts and here’s what they have to say!

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