Korth Introduction

With Fairhaven already almost done, I’m looking forward to the next metropolis in my Cities of Khorvaire series. Located on the Karrn River, Korth has been a major trade settlement since humans settled Khorvaire… Before, even, if you count the goblin settlements that set up nearby although there was no major site there in the Age of Monsters. This makes it a thoroughly human place, unlike many of the cities in the Five Nations and beyond, which makes sense since it’s a centerpiece of the Galifarian legacy in Eberron.

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Foreign Powers in Fairhaven

A long time ago I started a project to make a full description of cities in the Eberron Campaign Setting along the lines of Sharn: City of Towers. It quickly ballooned out of control and I burnt out somewhat. Mostly, the limiting factor for these sorts of things is audience feedback and I just didn’t get enough to sustain my massive ego and keep things going.

Cities of Khorvaire (as I like to call it) was put on the back-burner, taken off, put back, and then left to cool for a little bit. I want to pick it back up, though, so here’s some new info to get things going!

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