Star Trek Character Sheet

The published version of the Star Trek RPG is pretty great (even though I’ve spent some time thinking about alternatives) and if you’re like me then having a neat electronic version of game resources is great. Here’s a fillable (and semi-automated) character sheet for your enjoyment.

Download a Fillable Version of Patrick Goodman’s Sheet

If you’re interested in trying out the Star Trek RPG (known around the web as the “Dechiper version” or the “CODA version”) I really recommend checking it out. It’s much like a d20 game except that it involves a 2d6 instead. There are tons of resources too, so have fun!

Transhumanity’s FATE: Character Sheet

Last time I posted about Transhumanity’s FATE, I mentioned that I was working on a character sheet for the system. If you want this too, here’s the finished product!

Blank FATE Sheet

I also have a few pregenerated characters:

Piotr LeFleur
Anarchist Techie
Direct Action Mercenary
Criminal Con Artist

Since Tuesday’s post was pretty big so hopefully you’ll excuse this short one today.