Eclipse Phase: X-Risks

I’m psyched to report that there is a new sourcebook out for Eclipse Phase and that I’ve been pouring through it with great excitement. Titled X-Risks, the book covers… well existential risks but also Firewall’s response to them. How do you decide whether something is an x-risk? What if you have to choose between saving a habitat or chasing down a nanoplague sample? What the hell is an Iktomi kumobot? The answers to these questions and more can be found in X-Risks.

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Firewall Cell Roles

Continuing with the adaptation of Night’s Black Agents to Eclipse Phase, the vampire conspiracy game has a list of backgrounds for clandestine spy groups that would work well for a Firewall cell. As an Eclipse Phase GM, one of the first questions people ask me are “what are the classes” or “what positions are there?” People want to make sure their group has all bases covered, but I don’t really have a set list for them. In part it depends on what the game’s focus will be but it would be handy to have a starting point.

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Custom Muses

I like to give my players choices, which is why I have a house rule for allow custom muses if players like. I use a muse template, originally borrowed from Consumerdestroyer on the Eclipse Phase forums with added material by The Alexandrian, that lets my players create just the sort of companion they want. This extends to handy AIs as well, though, which gives me some life-preservers to throw to floundering PCs.

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Eclipse Phase Adversary Pyramid

Last week, I described using the conspiracy pyramid (or conspyramid) from Night’s Black Agents to make your Eclipse Phase game more spy-heavy. It’s an excellent organizational framework but it’s also a great tool for GMs to use for enhancing their campaigns. One of the best ways to do that is through the threats outlined in the “vampyramid,” the ways that the vampire conspiracies respond to meddling PCs in Night’s Black Agents.

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Eclipse Phase Conspiracies

The default campaign model for Eclipse Phase is agents of Firewall, a clandestine, illegal, international conspiracy that seeks out existential threats to transhumanity. That’s a tall order and it’s a pretty different model than crashing through dungeons or searching libraries for eldritch secrets. The result can be overwhelming for both players and GMs but there are other resources out there to draw from, the most impressive being the vampiric conspiracy game Night’s Black Agents.

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Transhumanity’s FATE: Character Sheet

Last time I posted about Transhumanity’s FATE, I mentioned that I was working on a character sheet for the system. If you want this too, here’s the finished product!

Blank FATE Sheet

I also have a few pregenerated characters:

Piotr LeFleur
Anarchist Techie
Direct Action Mercenary
Criminal Con Artist

Since Tuesday’s post was pretty big so hopefully you’ll excuse this short one today.


I’ve run a few Eclipse Phase games where I purposefully stayed away from Firewall entirely. It’s not that I don’t like Firewall, games of covert espionage and clandestine cells are awesome (especially with the extra material in the Firewall sourcebook), but sometimes you want something different. It might be as simple as the authors at Posthuman Studios assuming you will do one thing so you do something else just to be contrary!

Whatever the reason, I’ve wanted some other options as well. One of my favorite is gatecrashing campaigns, specifically the gatehopping plan of going through one gate after another until you are in truly uncharted territory. In making all of these plans, however, I’ve started to wonder about the best way to create extrasolar systems. I’d like something fast and easy so that I can concentrate on plot and I found some great resources for Traveller that were a great start. So here they are converted and tweaked for all you Eclipse Phase GMs out there.

You’re welcome.
Astrometrics Cover.png

New FATE Morphs

I’m still mulling over Transhumanity’s Fate after making Piotr LeFleur. It’s an interesting task to be looking at a new version of an existing game, not least because there’s already lost of material to update. I understand why they had only a smattering of morphs in Transhumanity’s Fate (although why that would include the neo-pig and not some other favorites is beyond me) but the internet isn’t restrained by such needs. If I want to give you a slew of morphs that may-or-may-not be useful to you, then I’m perfectly free to.

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Character Creation: Eclipse Phase FATE

The newest publication from Posthuman Studios, the FATE version of their acclaimed Eclipse Phase setting called Transhumanity’s Fate, has been at the top of Drive Thru RPG’s best-selling list for weeks. And with good reason! While the book doesn’t cover everything in the post-apocalyptic transhuman setting, it does a good job of hitting the highlights. Specifically, they were trying for the “high-octane technothriller” aspects of Eclipse Phase (or “Jason Bourne in an octomorph” according to co-author Ryan Macklin in the developer notes), and in that respect they do an awesome job.

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Exotic Languages in Eclipse Phase


I originally posted a lot of this material on my wiki, but I wanted to expand it and thought I’d do so here for people to comment on! The varied, mixed, and constructed cultures of the Eclipse Phase universe are more than just the background for daredevils taking on psychotic horrors wrought by inhuman seed AIs. The fact that the background fabric of the setting is a patchwork made of the shredded tatters that happened to make it through the apocalypse underscores the conceit of the setting at every turn. One of the most visceral ways to do that is with language.

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