AME Conversion: Those Who Tarry No Longer

So, I ran my Adventures in Middle Earth conversion of The Marsh-Bell and really liked the result. Look for an updated version sometime soon. I love The One Ring RPG but AME has some great opportunities as well. In preparing for my next game I’ve started working on some other adventure options, starting with the ones found in Tales From Wilderland. If you’re looking for the same check out this one below and let me know what you think!

Those Who Tarry No Longer
for Adventures in Middle Earth

AME Conversion: The Marsh Bell

Like I said last time, the adventures produced for The One Ring RPG are a great source of material for your Adventures in Middle Earth game. I’m certainly using them and tonight I will be running my group’s first adventure in Middle Earth (see what I did there?). I’m going to be running The Marsh Bell from the Loremaster’s Guide of TOR, a great adventure with some Tolkien staples and many new surprises.

You can find the pdf below; if you end up running it, let me know how it went! This pdf was made using The Homebrewery with some material borrowed and adapted from the Zero Hit Points website.

The Marsh Bell for Adventures in Middle Earth