City of Mist Familiar Dangers – Volume 1

A short and sweet post for a short and sweet PDF! I’ve heard a lot of people ask if there are Danger profiles for classic City of Mist characters and it’s hardly surprising. With such gorgeous, award-winning character folios you just want these characters in every story you tell. So I converted them!

Familiar Dangers is an NPC collection featuring the seven pregen characters from the game’s original Starter Set: Declan L’Estrange (Morpheus), Excalibur, Flicker (Mercury), Kitsune, Mitosis, Post-Mortem (Frankenstein’s Monser), and Salamander. Converting is helped by the Danger Workbook that Tony Pi and I put out, but I thought I’d make this something for everyone. As the name implies, I’m planning other volumes to feature the Rifts of the All-Seeing Eye PI firm and other iconic NPCs from City of Mist.

The Dangers here are all four-star threats, suitable as significant allies or foes during a case and possibly recurring faces in your game. To learn more about them, I suggest you check out the City of Mist website and, of course, consider buying the amazing character folio pack. It’s up on DriveThruRPG to comply with the Community Content projects of Son of Oak but it’s a Pay What You Want product. This is likely a holidays-only thing so if you want to get it free now’s your chance. After that it will be $1.

Familiar Dangers, Volume 1

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