And Around the Corner for Wanderhome

It’s been a bit since I posted here about Wanderhome, but it’s never left my heart. I’ve been quietly plugging away at a few different projects including a sequel to my supplement Down the Wandering Road. At long last that sequel is ready for the world to see!

While Down the Wandering Road is all about detailing the lands your character travels on the roads of Hæth, And Around the Corner is about the things that are just a little further. What might lie in the next town or what is happening back home are ripe story options and I have some picklists to get your imagination working. The bulk of the supplement, though, is playbooks for small and forgotten gods of Hæth, not as character options (although my Norn playbook actually does fit that niche) but instead for more detailed recurring characters in your Wanderhome chronicle. The term “gods” in Wanderhome is also fairly loose so this works for spirits, ghosts, daemons, and other ethereal things. Anything that’s just out of sight and around the corner of your vision…

And Around the Corner is free and ready to help you with your journeying tales. I hope you enjoy it, and please spread the word to other Wanderhome fans!

And Around the Corner on


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