Cities of Khorvaire and August Hiatus

Hello all! Sorry for the delayed post this week, it was for a lot of reasons not least because my whole household has Covid.

We managed to hold out right to the end but everyone is weathering it pretty well. Little Grue and Kid Imix are too young to be fully vaccinated yet and have only had one shot so they’re hit the worst. The rest of us are just a little under the weather. Science works, people!

This is especially stressful because the Mephit family is moving! After fifteen years in the St. Louis area we’ll be headed to western Massachusetts. That’s my homeland and a place I hope the rest of the family will grow into as well. To make time for that I’m going to be taking a break from blogging through at least August and I’ll be back at some point in September when we’re settled again. In the meantime…

Cities of Khorvaire

A long time ago, before this blog, I had a passion project that I poured a lot of energy into. Cities of Khorvaire was an Eberron fan project that started out years ago. I’ve tried before to restart this project and it’s always hit a creative wall but this time I’m trying to outsource things. You can be part of the revamped project by submitting a city neighborhood through the form below! While I’m on hiatus, why not get your own creative hat on and contribute to the world of Eberron?


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