Online Character Sheet for 7th Sea

I’ve got a quick but useful update for you, a little side project to make an online character sheet for 7th Sea, 2e. This game is really fun with a lot of different options (and a good amount of baggage so have a safety discussion ahead of time) and to help you playing online here’s a Google Sheets character sheet.

7th Sea Character Sheet

This link is set to “Viewer” status so that you can look it over. If you want a copy for use in your own home game then make a copy to your Google Drive and edit from there!

2 thoughts on “Online Character Sheet for 7th Sea

  1. This was the best basis for a fillable 7th Sea sheet I found anywhere on the internet! I ran with it and built it out to suit my specific purposes more directly, but truly thank you so much for this. If you want to see my mods, happy to share.


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