Flow Chart for Spire Classes

I put a little work into pitching a game of Spire to my gaming group and you, dear audience, get to be the lucky recipients! Today I present to you a tool to help navigate all the wonderful class options in the game.

After writing my recent review of Spire supplements, which prompted a look back at my initial review and the pregens I made, I pitched the game to my regular group for a little more action with it. The response of one player in particular echoed what I always feel: these classes are all pretty sweet. In order to help them choose a class, I made a decision tree flow chart that can lead you to a class that fits your desire. You might not end up at the class you pick in the end of this process but if you don’t quite like where you land then you can back up a step or two and probably find your choice. I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you have a lot of fun using it!

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