More New My Little Pony Characters

My holiday season was filled with about a dozen showings of My Little Pony: A New Generation thanks to the enduring love of that movie by Little Grue. It’s a fantastic film and even though I sometimes lie awake at night hearing the dialogue on loop in my head, I was inspired to make some more characters for your My Little Pony game.

Last time I presented the five main characters from the movie, Sunny Starscout and her four friends. While they are the stars of the movie they are certainly not the only memorable characters and today I’m here with five more characters that take more minor roles. Even if you make your own characters for this time period, these characters are likely to show up and make a difference in the story.

While I’m still trying to avoid them, this post has more than a few spoilers. The movie has been out for longer so if you care about these things you really should get on it, but also it’s harder to talk about these characters (who change dramatically over the course of the film) without talking about the events of My Little Pony: A New Generation. Again, I’m trying to couch things a little vaguely but keep reading at your own risk.

Queen Haven

Image © Netflix

The Queen of Zephyr Heights is every inch a monarch with her winning smile and calm demeanor. She is a beloved ruler of the Pegasus city, even though she was lying to her subjects for many years by pretending that she and her daughters could still fly. When the Pegasi found out she was arrested but when the Unicorns were threatening her the Pegasi guards immediately came to her defense. Everypony needs to change their way of thinking when they are confronted with their own prejudice but Queen Haven has a lot to reflect on to become a more responsible pony and the best leader for her people.

Body: d8 | Mind: d8 | Charm: d10 | Stamina: 16 | Level: 5

Talents: Special Skill (Acting) d6, Special Skill (Leading) d8, Creative Flair (Regal Ceremonies) d8, Fly d6

Quirks: Bossy and Mememememe!


Queen Haven’s flying dog (a fluffy Pomeranian) is like a member of the family and even has his own little seat in the throne room. He’s cute enough but has a habit of getting into trouble and also follows his nose wherever it leads. When Sunny and Izzy were sneaking around Cloudpuff was on to them nearly from the beginning and was their biggest obstacle. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

Image © Netflix

Body: d4 | Mind: d4 | Charm: d8 | Stamina: 6

Talents: Special Skill (Sniffing) d8, Fly d6

Quirks: Spoiled and Gets Into Trouble

Alphabittle Blossomforth

Image © Netflix

An elder among the Unicorns of Bridlewood, Alphabittle runs a tea shop that is very popular. He also had one of the gems that Sunny needed and while he was initially unwilling to cooperate at all he helped many of the other ponies when Sprout’s machine started crashing out of control. His outlook seems to have changed a lot after these events and he’s sure to become a leader helping the kinds of ponies to find connections again and cooperate.

Body: d10 | Mind: d8 | Charm: d6 | Stamina: 18 | Level: 5

Talents: Special Skill (Games) d10, Special Skill (Tea Brewing) d10, Telekinesis d6

Quirks: Overconfident and Superstitious

Superstitious: All the unicorns of Bridlewood have been raised to be worried about specific words and even after they are shown the wider world it might be hard for them to shake this. Whenever they hear a “bad word” (including “magic,” “wing,” “feather,” and for some reason “mayonnaise”) they would perform some little ritual to get rid of it. Even after magic has returned, this practice remains for some.

Sprout Cloverleaf

Image © Netflix

When he was a young foal, Sprout dreamed of being the sheriff of Maretime Bay. As it turned out, Hitch became sheriff instead and Sprout worked for him as a deputy. Despite not doing much to demonstrate his abilities, Sprout felt that he should be in charge and when Hitch left town for a bit Sprout got his chance… and immediately let it go to his head. He’s driven by a lot of fear (scared by other kinds of ponies, scared about what people think of him, scared about getting approval) and this led him to make some horrible choices. If he’s going to find a place in Maretime Bay after that it’s going to take a lot of change and a lot of support form others.

Body: d8 | Mind: d6 | Charm: d6 | Stamina: 12 | Level: 2

Talents: Special Knowledge (Police Work) d4, Creative Flair (Public Speaking) d8

Quirks: Overconfident, Bossy, and Prejudiced

Phyllis Cloverleaf

Image © Netflix

Sprout’s mom is definitely the pony that pushed him to be so selfish and mean later in life. She owns and runs Canterlogic, the defensive manufacturer and main industry in Maretime Bay. The anti-unicorn and anti-pegasus devices that Phyllis invented and produced were exactly the opposite of what Sunny and her dad wanted and seeing these things constantly in development no doubt built up the fear that later made Sprout try to fight off the other pony types. Still, Phyllis shows a chance of heart towards the end and she certainly has the capacity to do a lot of good with her mechanical skills if she chose to.

Body: d6 | Mind: d12 | Charm: d10 | Stamina: 18 | Level: 5

Talents: Special Knowledge (Engineering Design) d10, Special Knowledge (Marketing) d10, Stout Heart d4

Quirks: Bossy and Prejudiced

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