Down the Wandering Road

I made a thing! The fantastic game of Wanderhome has been a real lifeline this year, something that makes me feel grounded and optimistic when everything else is going crazy. I’ve released a few different additions to the game here on my blog but this is by far the biggest.

I love making worlds, it’s a big part of why I started this blog. While games in Wanderhome don’t require a big, sweeping vision of the land of Hæth (and most of the groups I’ve played with haven’t either) I continually wonder what Hæth looks like and what the different corners are. This PDF is my solution to that need, a treasure trove of worldbuilding tools for your Wanderhome game.

Inside you will find regional playbooks, picklists and prompts for creating different regions in your Hæth the same way you make characters. Beyond that are mysteries and kith, answers to some of the tales hinted at in the Wanderhome core book. Lastly there are worldbuilding worksheets for you to keep track of all your wonderful stories. I included plenty of advice and guidance here, the same sort of thing that you find here on my blog. If you like Wanderhome then I hope you’ll consider checking this product out. Safe travels!

Down the Wandering Road


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