The Havenmaker Playbook

Today I have a new playbook for your Wanderhome game: the Havenmaker. I designed the Havenmaker as part of a “playbook jam” over on the Discord with a prompt of “the forest” and I started to imagine a kith wandering the forests of Hæth and building little cairns for small gods to live in. The idea grew from there and I’m pretty proud of where it ended up.

Let me start off by saying that the Wanderhome Discord is awesome. The community is supportive, friendly, and energized which isn’t always the case for online communities. One thing that I’ve been lurking and watching for a while is the #playbook-jams channel which periodically has these prompts to encourage people to think of playbooks (but also Natures, Traits, and other items). I got encouragement from a lot of people on the server but I want to especially thank First Officer Rose, ZOMb (that might be a Halloween name…), Logan, and Andrew Aulenback for their feedback on the playbook.

You can find the playbook at the link below. It’s pay what you want so, like all my other Wanderhome content, you’re welcome and encouraged to download it absolutely free!

The Havenmaker Playbook


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