Event Natures for Wanderhome

I’m back from my baby hiatus with more Natures for your Wanderhome game. Last time I was in Hæth, I showed off some Ocean Natures to look at a different corner of the world but today I’m taking a look at a different corner of the game.

In a game of Wanderhome, the character playbooks inform players’ main way of interacting with the world but it’s not the only one. Especially because there’s not usually a Gamemaster in charge of things, players also jump in to portray various NPCs and the characters’ Traits are clues to what they might be like. Players also pick the environment as a group with locational Natures telling what a glade or palace or lake might be like. From this foundation (the Nature of the place and the Trait of the residents) a story can be improvised and honestly the true magic of Wanderhome is how organically those stories can come together.

Not everyone is totally comfortable with improvising to that degree, though, and going from a mental image of trees to something interesting happening among those trees can be a difficult leap for some. At the same time, some people may feel entirely comfortable improvising scenes with landscape at the center but they might want to change things up by putting events at the center and improvising the surroundings. There are a dozen reasons you might want to focus on a different sort of Nature than physical surroundings and that was my inspiration for writing up these Events.

Each of them is a time for people to come together: for the first time or as old friends, in happiness or in grief. I tried to come up with a range here and to open the field for varied celebrations and a range of traditions. Maybe I’ll come up with some different Events if folks like them but good or bad let me know if you use them in your game!

Special thanks to Logan (Ink and Stories) on the Wanderhome Discord for some feedback!


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