Meet Kid Imix!

The Mephit family has grown again! Dr. James and I are excited to finally meet our third kiddo and I’m looking forward to a future day when I can get a solid player group of just offspring. I’m kidding with that but the Mephling and Little Grue are well on their way to being well-versed little geeks so I expect their new brother to follow in their footsteps. Kid Imix, as he will be known here, is sweet and a wonderful addition to the clan.

“Kid Imix.” Artwork by nimoaart

To celebrate his birth I commissioned a little portrait by nimoaart on Etsy. They are a great artist and really fun to work with, plus their prices are great for a quick and easy picture of your favorite RPG character. Obviously this one was done before Kid Imix was born but nimoaart’s turnaround was just about a week so you also don’t have to wait forever. I don’t want to overwhelm them with orders and negate all the good points I was just touting but I highly encourage everyone to head to their Etsy store and consider supporting this awesome artist.

Because of this dramatic new chapter in my life I’m going to be taking some time off. I’ll be focusing on family stuff for a bit so the next update here will be in three weeks. Have fun going back through the archive and send me good thoughts as I wander through sleep-deprived nights and wrangle a growing pack of elemental creatures. Have fun and stay safe!


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