City of Mist Garage

This is a bonus update this week to let you know that Son of Oak has launched a community content program called the City of Mist Garage! I’ve been excited about it for a while, especially because myself and Tony Pi have been working on a great new case that’s already up in the Garage.

You’ll recognize Tony’s work from his posts on Continuing Mission and (more relevantly here) his posts with me on our City of Mist site, the City of Dangers. You can see the sort of creations we’re making there for free and then get bigger projects on the Garage, including our latest case. You can also find cases by Kevin Carpenter, MC of the “Rolling In the Mist” podcast, collections of Relics, and fillable character sheets. I’m very excited to see what shows up in the Garage, and even more excited to let you know about our next case!

Check Out Beating Hearts


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