Satyrine Resident Generator

I’m back today with another resource for your Invisible Sun game, a generator for neighbors and friends around the City of Notions. Use this for your own game to create scores of people around Satyrine.

Like the small and forgotten gods generator I made for Wanderhome, this was created using the awesome website which is a great way to introduce some GM tools to your games. I gathered together names (generally real life names but missing most diacritics to help with typing) and put them in different contexts for some variety. The lists that these names were cobbled from are “Victorian” and “Steampunk” names, which generally means that they sound old-timey and appropriate to an art deco aesthetic, at least in my stories. I threw in some Slavic, Scottish Celtic, and Catalan names for fun, plus the angel and demon results have names from appropriate lists on To all of these I added some professions since it’s a city after all!

All of this is an important part of running Invisible Sun, moreso than other games even those taking place in a particular location. As I discussed in Ten Things To Know About Invisible Sun, the PCs’ neighborhood and the city of Satyrine generally has relationships and side stories that are part of character progression and mechanics. Invisible Sun has exploration and community built into it and that means the GM has to have a number of names available to draw from. Rather than wracking your brain every time someone opens a new door, use this generator to make five new neighbors at a time.

Resident of Satyrine Generator


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