Drinks in Invisible Sun

The surreal setting of Invisible Sun is full of amazing and strange details but one of the best ways to highlight the surreal is to juxtapose it with the mundane. In between jumping across worlds and sealing angels into bracelets, why not have your vislae stop off at a bar for a (mostly) normal drink?

The best place to get a drink if your a vislae is, of course, the wandering bar Zero’s. Whether you’re talking about the bar itself or the bartender (and are they different?) everyone knows that the most famous drinks in Fartown are at Zero’s… And yet the Black Cube is silent about what those drinks might be!

A handbill for Zero’s can be found in the prop envelope but if you too wish there were some interesting and surreal drinks to be had at Zero’s then look no further. Feel free to use, print, and distribute the following drinks menu the next time your player characters stop by this landmark. I based this menu on an iconic bar in my city but the drinks and language are entirely Invisible Sun material.

Added onto this (and referenced in the menu above) here’s a location that I used in my own campaign that you’re welcome to use in yours! For my group, this monastery was the location of the secret halfworld of King Nine but you might decide that’s somewhere else. There’s no denying that Rehay is a great place for a drink, though!

Rehay and the Monastery of Dhovorr

Twenty-five miles west of the Indigo Rail line is a small town called Rehay at the base of a mountain. Traveling to Rehay is easy enough along the well-maintained road but it’s a long way to walk. The group might hire a taxi traveling between the towns (4 crystal orbs each), rent giant ravens to fly there (10 crystal orbs each), or hitch a ride with a farmer on a cart (5 crystal orbs for the whole group but they don’t get to pick the time). Rehay serves as something of a market town for the surrounding farms and is the only place for a dozen miles to get anything fancy. Travelers and vehicles carry goods to and from the village but one of the biggest items for sale, is the artisanal beer brewed by the monks of the Monastery of Dhovorr, God of the Unending Path. This beer is sold in the neighborhoods of Satyrine and is prized for its taste and unique flavors.

The mountain which hosts the monastery is called Mount Lathai, or “The Unshared Mountain,” and it has the curious property of not allowing anyone to scale it who has not already reached the summit. This is a contradiction that vexes many: they can set out from the town of Rehay but once they reach the stone menhir on the slope north of town they find they can progress no farther. They can march along for hours and hours but glancing back they will see that they are just as far from Rehay as when the started. Only those who have already scaled the mountain can make any headway and there’s no way to become one of those worthies without walking past the stone marker… which is impossible.

There is a loophole, of course, you simply have to be carried by someone who is permitted to climb the mountain. Their feet make the journey and you’re just along for the ride. Of course, only the monks of the monastery have climbed the side of the mountain and they aren’t anxious to take anyone else there. They were convinced by King Nine to carry him up decades ago and his troublesome group hasn’t made things easy since so they have sworn to never carry another up who isn’t in their order. Joining the order is also a nonstarter because it requires five years service at the monastery before you are permitted leave. Luckily, there’s a third option. Lucius Babington is a zilat who lives in Rehay and snuck himself along for the ride one evening using the size-changing magic that is his specialty. He can climb the mountain (although he found it a bit of a let down once he’d made it) and after some bragging he went back to his true calling: gambling. Babington isn’t likely to be interested in heading up the side of Mount Lathai, not even for a straight-up bribe. However, if the group were to wager with him or to fund an extravagant gamble then they could convince him to carry them up in his pocket (using his zilat talents).


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