See Mephit’s Work on City of Dangers!

I’m here today with some insider industry knowledge… That’s blogging industry, not the gaming industry or anything. While I’ve been writing Star Trek Adventures material on Continuing Mission for a while, I’ve also got plenty of ideas about City of Mist and I’m publishing them with the inestimable Tony Pi on our new City of Dangers blog.

The biggest impetus to writing this new blog is because of all the wonderful inspiration I get just reading through the City of Mist core rulebooks, not to mention running a fantastic campaign. Tony is new to the game but joined the campaign and is also brimming with inspiration and we’ve got big plans for City of Dangers. Here are some of the things you can look forward to on our new blog.

  • Weekly Dangers for your City of Mist campaign. Every week (at least) we’ll be publishing a Danger that’s ready to be dropped into your home game, complete with stats and plot hooks. These Dangers are all pretty varied: so far we’ve got an ambulance driver, a trophy cup, a marathon race event, and a corporate philanthropist. Each month has a different event tying them together (April’s was the Marathon Races) and you can find connections between each month’s Dangers.
  • Metaplots involving multiple Dangers. As the site’s cast grows there will be metaplots growing along with them. If you include some of the Dangers in your campaign there will be connections to future Dangers that will make them easy to involve as well. The metaplots are vague enough so you can use them or skip them as you like.
  • Coming casebooks with exciting plots. Tony and I have plans for some actual plots involving our creations, casebooks that you can pick up and run with right away. There’s even a Super Secret Awesome Secret Story™ that is hidden within Dangers that we’ll be publishing along the way (one is already published) and you’ll get to find out that special story down the line. Start using the Dangers now and everyone at the table will get a surprise tie-in for NPCs that you’ve already been using!

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