New Secrets for Invisible Sun

I just love the weirdness of Invisible Sun and especially all the weird secrets that characters pick up. These beautiful little gifts enhance roleplaying and planning to allow players to make amazing choices that delight everyone at the table. Today, I have a few more of those beautiful gifts!

Soul Tea Recipe

Level 3

You know the recipe for a minty, fruity brew called “soul tea.” It takes an hour to brew enough for five individuals but the result is a drink which is invigorating to body and mind alike. Drinking one of the cups of soul tea gives a creature an immediate one-action rest (see The Key) which they can use to heal Wounds or refresh pools. You can only do this once a day, though; any additional brewing of soul tea within the next twenty-four hours will be too weak for this benefit.

The Language of Toadstools

Level 2

You know the secret language of fungi and molds, though they are crass and odious beings. Because they are insatiable gossips they make excellent sources of information for those in the know and can describe colors and the movement of creatures well (though they are effectively face blind). A trick that spore-speakers know to make the most of their skill is coaxing fungus spores into fruiting within minutes through flattery and encouragement, a level 4 task.

The Secret Chord

Level 3

You know the secret chord that pleases angels and demon lords alike. When you play it in an instrument capable of chords (typically strings and keyboards), the secret chord will make spiritual entities more relaxed and amenable. In the next few minutes after the secret chord is played, your venture is increased by 1 for convincing or persuading spiritual entities that heard it.


Level 4

The art of “contrascription” is a special writing technique where one writes behind other text. A page which already has writing on it (printed or handwritten) can be contrascripted with a second message, effectively hiding the constrascription on the page. The contrascript is there for all intents and purposes and is not obscured like invisible ink or invisible through magic. In fact, no spells will detect the contrascript because it is not magically hidden (though spells or abilities to find hidden things will indicate that it’s there). The only way to reveal a contrascripted message without exacting spells or divination is to know the secret of contrascription as well to see behind the text that’s already there.

The Parching Path

Level 6

There is a secret, second way to enter Fartown. Everyone knows about the bridge to the Hollows but another gate leads directly to Brickenhouse. In Fartown the entrance is behind a hedge and in a gutter which must be entered in a ferrous way, something which you know as part of the secret and which people within arm’s reach can copy well enough. Through the grate is a dripping path which turns steamy and blistering hot, inflicting lethal heat to those who don’t step in the right places. On the other end, you exit into the midst of a busy foundry within the Brickenhouse district. Luckily the path’s magic keeps workers at the foundry from noticing you on the way out but you will have to sneak back in.

The Sound of Snow

Level 4

There is music even in silence, they say. Snow is silent as it falls but it’s ephemeral nature makes it ideal for echoes to those who know how to listen. When you stand in a snowstorm you are able to listen for others standing outside in the same snowstorm. You can eavesdrop on their conversations as if they were only a few feet away, even if they are actually miles distant. This still requires a roll but the challenge will be much lower, especially since they probably don’t expect someone to be listening. Anyone can learn this secret, though it is of limited utility to non-vislae who have a much harder time calling up a snowstorm whenever they like.


Level 3

Any garment you put on (or your outermost garment if you have many layers) grows an extra pocket near your waist. This is a small pocket, big enough for a palm-sized object or two, but it’s always nice to have pockets, right? Furthermore, the pocket is always the same pocket. If you put on a new pair of pants the everpocket will grow at the pant’s waist and if you take those pants off it will disappear. As soon as you put on a different pair of pants the everpocket will regrow and anything you put inside will be there same and sound.


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