Invisible Sun Resources

In running Invisible Sun it can be a bit hard to figure out how to grow your campaign. There’s so much in the game’s famous Black Cube but once you want to make your own materials then what does that look like? Well, here are four resources I can’t recommend highly enough for fellow IS Gamemasters.

  • The Vancian Spell Canon by @v01dlight. Vances can be an underwhelming order but the options detailed here are both simple and transformative. I especially appreciate how the author walks through their process.
  • Under the Invisible Sun by David Harris. This site has a ton of stuff from someone’s home campaign and it’s all pretty great. From a new Weaver aggregate to different magical drinks to a searchable index of the Black Cube, there’s a lot to use here.
  • Magecoins and the Arcane Economy by @v01dlight. I like the idea of magecoins but find them hard to use in the story. This article moves them from curiosity to amazing setting element and is highly worth a read.
  • Maker Item Examples by Salindurthas on Reddit. This series of post is a great prompt to send to any players of Makers to get their thoughts going. Not only does the author describe how they figured out the items (and the final stats) but they give context for use in a campaign.

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